You can view and update your child's details (name, DOB, password*, username or school) in two ways: the first is on the Parent Dashboard, the second is in the app itself. If your child has a school account, you must have your parent account linked first. To do this, please follow the steps in this article.

On the Parent Dashboard

  1. Login to the Parent Dashboard

  2. Hover over My account and click on Child details

  3. Select your child’s name on the left hand side

  4. Once you have made your changes be sure to press Update

In the app

  1. Ask your child to log in to either DoodleMaths or DoodleEnglish

  2. Select the arrow in the top left corner

  3. Choose Settings

  4. Tap/ click on Child details

  5. Enter your parent password

  6. To change any of these details, edit them and then tap on the Save changes button in the bottom right corner

*Due to GDPR it is not possible to view your child's current password, all the Doodle passwords are encrypted when they are created. If you cannot remember the password, the best option is to change it to a new password. If your child has a school account, we highly recommend letting their class teacher know of any password changes in case they need to log in at school.


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