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Parent Dashboard
How to switch between subjects on the Parent DashboardHow to toggle between the different programmes on the Parent Dashboard.
How to access the Parent Dashboard for DoodleEnglish?Is there a separate Parent Dashboard for DoodleEnglish?
How to refer a friendDoodle's referral scheme for parents
How to create or change a parent PINWhat is a parent PIN and how do I change it?
How to update your child's details on the Parent DashboardIf you have forgotten your child's login details, or can't log in, you can easily update or view them via the Parent Dashboard
How to add an additional child to your parent accountWhat to do if you want to add another child to an existing Parent Account
How to link my parent login with Apple, Google, FacebookWhat are my login options?
How to delete an accountHow to delete an account as your child no longer uses it or if you created it by mistake
How to reinstate a child's streak on the Parent DashboardHas your child accidentally broken their streak? Not to worry, reinstating a streak is super simple to action from the Parent Dashboard.
How to view stars for a custom time periodIt's easy to look back and view the number of stars earned over a particular time period.
How to download your child's Doodle progress reportHow to print a child's progress report on the Parent Dashboard
How to start a new Baseline AssessmentMy child's work programme is too challenging or too easy for them
How to set an AssignmentHow to add Assignments to your child's work programme
How to set a custom assignmentCreating your very own assignments!
How to analyse an assignmentHow to monitor your child's progress in their assignments
How to delete an assignmentRemoving Assignments from a child's account via the Parent Dashboard
How to view my child's DoodleAge?The two ways in which you can view your child's current DoodleAge
How to add spelling lists in DoodleSpellYou can add your child's weekly spelling list as a Custom Assignment in DoodleSpell
How to create a custom reward for my childCreating personalised rewards to motivate your child
How to switch between children on DoodleConnectEasily switch between children on the DoodleConnect App.
How to see if your child has used a streak saverViewing a child's streak and streak saver on the Parent Dashboard