• Hover over Extras and select Custom

  • Ensure the DoodleSpell icon is selected in the top right hand corner of the page (as pictured below).

  • Then select Create An Extra. Input your spelling list ensuring that you only put spaces between each word (no commas) or a new line per word. Don't capitalise the word unless you want it to appear capitalised in the app. Then select Add. You then will see the extras you have created appear in a list.

  • Please click on the extra you wish to add and select Add in the Lesson Details pop up that appears.

  • Then select the time and date you wish this extra to appear and select the child account you wish to add the extra to.

  • Finally select Add in the bottom right hand corner of the box.

  • Once added, you need to press Assign and then choose which child you would like to add this to, and when you would like it to appear.

Please note, you will need a home subscription to have access to this feature on the Parent Dashboard. 

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