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Adding and managing teacher accounts
Adding and managing teacher accounts

Add, edit, reset or update a teacher's name or email address, or delete a teacher account.

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To create a teacher Doodle account

  1. Log into the Teacher Dashboard

  2. Select Manage > Teachers

  3. Click on the blue Add new teachers button in the top right hand corner

  4. Enter the email address of the teachers you'd like to add (if adding multiple, be sure to put each email address on a different line)

  5. Then press Send email invites

  6. The teacher will have been sent an account activation email

Edit a teacher's Doodle account

You can edit your teacher's name/email or remove them if they leave, within the Manage > Teachers section of the Teacher Dashboard.

  1. Log into the Teacher Dashboard

  2. Select Manage > Teachers

  3. Tap on the name of the teacher whose details you'd like to edit. A pop-up will then appear enabling you to edit their details.

  4. Press Save in the bottom right-hand corner of the pop-up to confirm your changes

Deleting a Teacher Account

If a teacher leaves the school you should delete their Doodle account. To do this follow steps 1-3 above and then press Delete in the bottom left hand corner of the pop up that appears.

(Please note, it is not possible for teachers to reset other teachers' passwords. In order for a teacher password to be reset, please follow this link).

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