Adult PINs and Restricted Features

Why do you need a PIN to access some areas?

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Our Doodle programmes are designed so that children are able to use them as independently as possible. However, there are some areas of the apps that are only accessible with an adult PIN passcode.

These areas will be restricted based on either account settings which should only be altered by an adult (eg, passwords, subscriptions, curriculum changes) or are features that are managed in order to promote 'Healthy Usage'.

Settings and Report a Question

Adult PINs will be required to access the following areas for security purposes and for maintaining the account integrity:

  • Settings > Parent Details - this area displays the parent details linked to the account and also has a link to reset the parent password

  • Settings > Child Details - this area contains personal details about the child and their school and the child's username and password can be edited from this section

  • Settings > Work Programme - within this area, the curriculum being studied can be altered, the coloured overlay added or altered and the Healthy Usage Limit can be enabled or disabled

  • Report a Question - this feature is accessed through the menu at the bottom of the student screen and requires an adult to send the details so we can ensure the report is correct

Healthy Usage Restrictions

At Doodle, our advice is 'little and often' and we do not want to be the reason that children are spending an unhealthy amount of time on screens. For this reason, we have included features in the apps which will prevent children being able to Doodle for excessive periods of time.

We consider 'overuse' as over 200 stars/day. Once the child has reached this point, a message will be shown asking for an adult PIN to be entered in order for them to continue using the app.


Whilst our games are educational, we want to encourage our children to complete their daily learning exercises, before they access the games. Games are only available if the child has earned some stars on that day or has completed all scheduled assignments. The child must also be in the 'amber' or 'green' zone on their target gauge.

An adult PIN will be needed to override this.

My Friends and Avatars

For the same reasons as for 'games' these areas are locked until the child has completed their daily learning exercises and any scheduled assignments. The child must also be in the 'green' zone of their target gauge.

An adult PIN will be needed to override this.

Add Assignment

For children under 12, an adult PIN is required to set an assignment from the Learning Zone.


DoodleTables - unlocking or restricting tables

Parents and teachers can restrict or unlock tables via Settings > Work Programme on DoodleTables, meaning that they can decide which times tables can be currently learnt.

An adult PIN will be needed to do this.

If you would like help to set up an adult PIN, please follow the steps in this article.

Please note the adult PIN feature is only available to guardians of children with an active subscription.

πŸ’‘ Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!


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