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Ensuring Doodle runs smoothly on your mobile devices at home
Ensuring Doodle runs smoothly on your mobile devices at home

How to receive an optimal user experience at home

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The Doodle apps can be downloaded onto numerous mobile phones and tablets. You can view a list of compatible devices here.

Set automatic app updates

We update our app regularly to ensure an optimal experience for your users; therefore, it is important to be certain your child's app is always using the latest available version.

The easiest way to achieve this is to set automatic updates on your device.

Device specific instructions can be found here.

Doodling offline vs online


Doodle can be used with or without a data connection; however, the app only synchronises with your Parent Dashboard account (and other devices) when it has an internet connection. If there is no internet connection, the app will store progress locally on the device currently being used. It is therefore important to keep using the same, single device if you are using Doodle offline at home. When you next have an internet connection, your child's work progress will then sync to our database and your Parent Dashboard account.


If using Doodle online, using multiple devices is possible! However, if your child is using Doodle on multiple devices there are a couple of things to check to ensure that their work synchronises and no streaks are lost.

  1. Ensure the app is up to date on all devices - more information on this can be found here.

  2. We recommend that your child signs out after each session as this helps ensure that the work is saving to our server.

๐Ÿ’ก Need more help? Feel free to contact our lovely customer support team by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen, they will be happy to help!

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