Helping your child

When should you help your child?

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Doodle’s intelligent algorithm creates a short daily work programme tailored just right for each and every child. It is therefore really important that the child does not get help with their Doodling. If they do, the algorithms may think that the child is capable of more than they are, moving them on too quickly.

Try to promote independent use – this is essential if your child is going to develop skills and confidence that they can take back into the classroom.

If your child is struggling with the questions it is really important that instead of getting help, they use on in app Help features. If after having a go at using the in-app help features, your child is still really struggling, encourage them to save the question to their Tricky Questions. Once saved to their Tricky Questions, you can then help them without the worry that it will impact their work programme.

For instructions on how to do this, please see this article.

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