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Duplicate account name warnings

What to do if you see a duplicate account name warning when adding a student account on the Teacher Dashboard

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When adding student accounts on the Teacher Dashboard, you will see this warning, 'Duplicate name detected - this student may already have a Doodle account' if you are trying to add an account with exactly the same first and last name as an existing student account in the school:

You can still continue to add the new account if the name is correct. However, to avoid confusion, we recommend checking that these students don’t already have an account set up for them.

To do this, head to Manage > students.

Search all active student accounts by selecting All in the class drop-down menu and entering a student’s name in the search bar.

Archived student accounts will also cause duplicate name warnings. Select Archived Students to search archived accounts.

If the student(s) you are adding already has been archived you can unarchive it by following these steps.

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