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15th April 2024 - Find out what's going on at DoodleLearning this week!

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Welcome to your weekly round up of what's been happening here at DoodleLearning 🏢

We are into the third week of the Spring challenge and 11,500 of you have already signed up so far💥

Joining the Challenge is a great way to top up your child’s knowledge and keep them motivated to Doodle, especially during the holidays, plus, as a celebration of their hard work, they'll receive a fantastic pin badge and certificate for each Challenge they complete! 🐦

For a step by step guide to the Spring Challenge take a look at this article 👀

We’ve added 25 brand-new KS3 concepts to DoodleMaths, including ones that explore place value, fractions and unit conversions!

These concepts use exciting interactive elements to support learning and engage learners, including place value counters and bar models.

Each concept is separated into three parts, letting kids recap their knowledge and focus on new learning in small, bite-sized chunks.

We know how tricky learning to tell the time can be. That’s why we’ve introduced interactive clocks to our concept explanations!

We've created two types of analogue clock: simple and advanced. These let children build their confidence telling the time and progress to reading and setting times when they’re ready, ensuring continual progression in their learning.

Concept explanations appear at the start of New, Power-Up and Assignment exercises. Log in to DoodleMaths to try them today!

Ever tried to explain a tricky topic to your pupils, only to be met with lots of blank faces? If so, our brand-new video maths guides are here to help!

Created by our team of teachers, each guide uses clear visuals and real-life examples to explore concepts, making them a great way to introduce your pupils to new topics.

Best of all, they include lots of questions that your students can follow along with in real time, helping to consolidate their knowledge!

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And remember to check out our Help Centre for support 24 hours a day.

Check back in again with us next week for updates on what's been happening here at Doodle HQ! 🏢

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