Happy Holidays from everyone here at Doodle! We hope you have a great time and get some well deserved rest!

We are out of the office from 24th-28th December.

On 29th, 30th and 31st December we will be open 10-2pm.

We will then reopen as usual from Tuesday 2nd January 2022.

During these times, you may be able to quickly find the answer to your question by searching for an article. You can do this by typing your query into the chat menu as seen in the picture below.

If you are experiencing any issues, it is always worth checking that you are using the latest versions of our apps. On a mobile device or tablet, this is easy - just go to your app store and check the updates section.

If your child has lost their streak, please tell them not to worry as we can easily fix this when we are in the office! Just let us know their username and what their streak should be. When we are back in, we will get is reinstated for them.

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